Leadership Portland Spotlight: Gary H. Lau

Leadership Portland Spotlight: Gary H. Lau

Name: Gary H. Lau
Company: Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.
Job: Senior Associate General Counsel

Why they got involved in Leadership Portland: 

Portland is currently facing some of it toughest challenges. It is especially important now for people to get involved with the city to help lead it through these difficult times. I've called Portland home for over 40 years. My family and friends are here and I want to make Portland a better place for not only myself but for them.

Why Gary loves the Portland region: 

Portland has everything to offer. Travel 1-2 hours in any particular directions and you can dip your feet into the ocean, be skiing on Mt. Hood, hiking in the Columbia Gorge, or exploring the high deserts. And of course, all the delicious restaurants in Portland.

Fun Fact: 

I have a daughter who loves to ride horses. Thus, I am know learning how to be a "horse dad." Thankfully my wife handles the tough stuff, so I mainly carry horse stuff and try to keep out of the way. But it great to see the passion that my daughter and others have for the sport and these beautiful animals.

About Leadership Portland 
Leadership Portland is a Portland Business Alliance program that broadens the perspectives of business leaders on the most critical issues facing our region while giving back through the program's community Impact Projects. Learn more at https://portlandalliance.com/programs/leadership-portland.html.