Leadership Portland Spotlight: Ivan Resendiz Gutierrez

Leadership Portland Spotlight: Ivan Resendiz Gutierrez

Name: Ivan Resendiz Gutierrez
Company: Miller Nash LLP
Job: Partner

Why they got involved in Leadership Portland: 

I want to broaden my perspective on some of the most critical issues facing the Portland region, including the houseless issue. I also want to give back to my community through the Program's Impact Projects.

Why it’s important: 

We are stewards of our community and if our community is to improve, then we all need to roll up our sleeves and get to work. That includes listening to community to better understand the problems facing our community.

Why Ivan loves the Portland region: 

I love how close we are to the outdoors--namely, the Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood, waterfalls, and hunting areas.

Fun Fact: 

As a former rugby player, I enjoy boxing, kayaking with my black cat, hunting with my little brothers, running, traveling, watching all types of films, and listening to country music.

About Leadership Portland 
Leadership Portland is a Portland Business Alliance program that broadens the perspectives of business leaders on the most critical issues facing our region while giving back through the program's community Impact Projects. Learn more at https://portlandalliance.com/programs/leadership-portland.html.