Leadership Portland Spotlight: Lyndsi Stender

Leadership Portland Spotlight: Lyndsi Stender

Name: Lyndsi Stender
Company: Vista Capital Partners 
Job: Advisor

Why they got involved in Leadership Portland: 

I have always wanted to do Leadership Portland since I learned about it early on in my professional career. I was motivated to apply because I am at a point in my career where I would like to make a greater impact on the community and be more involved. Gaining greater leadership skills will only compliment that goal, so the program would cover both objectives.

Why it’s important: 

Being educated on a community issue and all that ties into it is the first place to start in addressing an issue. Once educated on the matter, that individual can lead in discussing how to best address the issue. That is why both leadership development and being educated on issues is so important in overcoming these challenges.

Why Lyndsi loves the Portland region: 

I love what Portland has to offer - great food and unique pockets of neighborhoods, sandwiched between Mt. Hood/the Gorge, and the beautiful Oregon coast. Can't ask for much more!

Fun Fact: 

I love being active outside! Whether it's running, biking, pickleball, snowboarding or hiking, I prefer to be outside regardless of the season.

About Leadership Portland 
Leadership Portland is a Portland Business Alliance program that broadens the perspectives of business leaders on the most critical issues facing our region while giving back through the program's community Impact Projects. Learn more at https://portlandalliance.com/programs/leadership-portland.html.