Leadership Portland Spotlight: Andrew Thompson

Leadership Portland Spotlight: Andrew Thompson

Name: Andrew Thompson
Company: Gard Communications
Job: Sr. Account Manager

Why they got involved in Leadership Portland:
I see it as a program for high-caliber and motivated individuals who want to grow and contribute to the community. It’s a way to deepen and broaden my own skills and experience, but also find ways to sharpen others through the relationship opportunities with the rest of the cohort and those we’ll meet through the monthly program days.

Why it’s important:
I've had a number of people mentor me in life and work and it's had a great impact. So the chance to create and deepen relationships through a formal leadership program is appealing. I worked in Salem during the 2014 short session in government relations and it opened my eyes to the tremendous challenges and opportunities we face in Oregon. I want to be a part of moving that conversation forward. The first step to solving community issues is understanding the complex circumstances surrounding them.

Why Andrew loves the Portland region:
The natural beauty of the Northwest is spectacular. The Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood and the Oregon Coast are my favorite places to visit, preferably with Stumptown coffee and a pastry from Little T's Bakery on Division.

Fun Fact:
One of my favorite volunteer opportunities was mentoring college leaders with my wife in Washington D.C. We traveled to the U.S. capital for a weekend event called the National Student Leadership Forum, which I attended when I was a student. The two of us led a small group with eight young men and women from universities across the country and had the chance to tour the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and listen to a bipartisan group of elected officials.

About Leadership Portland

Leadership Portland is a Portland Business Alliance program that broadens the perspectives of business leaders on the most critical issues facing our region while giving back through the program's community Impact Projects. Learn more at https://portlandalliance.com/programs/leadership-portland.html.