Board Member Spotlight: Karly Tarsia

Board Member Spotlight: Karly Tarsia

Board Member Spotlight: Karly Tarsia
Name: Karly Tarsia
Company: Lane, A FINN Partner
Job: Assistant Account Executive
Board of Directors: Portland Business Alliance and Emerging Professionals of Portland

Why Karly joined the Portland Business Alliance board of directors:
I was elected to serve as board chair for the Emerging Professionals of Portland (EPOP), and I am the first sitting chair from EPOP to serve on the Alliance board of directors.

I want to be able to better understand the goals for the Alliance and the city, and how EPOP can tangibly implement these into our framework.

Why it’s important:
I am the youngest member to serve on the Alliance board, and I want to relay more information about EPOP to the board at large so we can seamlessly connect the two missions.

Why Karly loves the Portland region: 
I love that you can go to the mountains, high dessert, coast, county and city all within two hours of Portland. Not to mention the farm-to-table food scene is AMAZING and easily accessible.

Fun Fact:
I work in public relations from 9 to 5, but outside of that, I work as a wedding planner.

About the Portland Business Alliance
The Portland Business Alliance is greater Portland’s chamber of commerce and represents the largest most diverse business network in the region. The Alliance strives to promote and foster an environment that attracts, supports and retains jobs, spurs economic vitality and supports educational opportunities for all those who live here. Meet the rest of the board:

About the Emerging Professionals of Portland
Emerging Professionals of Portland (EPOP) is a program that offers emerging professionals a place to prosper and develop their careers, build a peer network and gain exposure to business leaders. EPOP offers programming focused on educational and professional development, as well as civic engagement and networking opportunities. Learn more: