Member Spotlight: Alliance Members Creating Opportunity through Workplace Inclusion

Member Spotlight: Alliance Members Creating Opportunity through Workplace Inclusion

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). First enacted by Congress in 1945, NDEAM commemorates the contributions of people with disabilities to America’s workplaces and our broader economy.

Creating economic opportunities is a prerequisite for building a more resilient, inclusive, and prosperous economy. This moral imperative of this work has been brought into clearer focus in the wake of COVID-19. As President Biden acknowledged in his formal proclamation of NDEAM 2021:

Americans with disabilities — particularly women and people of color — have faced long-standing gaps in employment, advancement, and income.  The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded these inequities, as people with disabilities have faced heightened risks — particularly the disproportionate share of people with disabilities employed in the hardest-hit industries.  Our Nation will never fully recover and rebuild unless every single community — including disabled Americans — is fully included.

The Portland Business Alliance supports initiatives to create inclusive workplaces—and an economy at-large—that accommodates and supports workers with disabilities.

We also want to use this month to highlight Alliance members that focus on improving access and opportunities for disabled people in the workplace. Please join us in recognizing the important work done by these organizations:

In addition to their many other initiatives, the Best Buddies Jobs Program places focus beyond the typical jobs in which a person with intellectual and development disabilities might be placed. Best Buddies focuses on finding work that matches the job seeker’s interests and talents. This program allows participants to earn an income, pay taxes, and continuously and independently support themselves.


INCIGHT is relentless in building the sustainable villages, networks and resources to help all people reach their unlimited potential. Through a variety of strategic programs and services focused on education, employment and independence the results include less homelessness, less need for welfare, fewer incarcerations and fewer barriers to success.



Anne Gray Liversidge offers courses in American Sign Language (ASL) tailored for businesses, families and individuals. Her goal: reduce the discrimination tied to the ignorance of deaf culture and the beautiful language that flows through it.

Do you know another Alliance member organization that is should be commended during National Disability Employment Awareness Month? Please let us know. Send an email to [[email address]] and we’ll add them to the list!