Clarence Belnavis of Fisher Phillips mentors youth through high school program

Clarence Belnavis of Fisher Phillips mentors youth through high school program

Name: Clarence Belnavis
Company: Fisher Phillips
Job: Partner, Portland and Seattle offices

What He Did: Clarence Belnavis is a partner of Fisher Phillips’ Portland and Seattle offices. He currently mentors an African-American men's group at Grant High School, which is co-facilitated by Lee Orr, the community agent and student support specialist at Portland Public Schools. The aim of the group is to identify barriers to success, to dispel fears of failure while highlighting the student’s abilities to achieve their goals and to urge and assist these young men as they complete college applications for the first time in their life experience.

Each week, a member of the community is asked to attend as guest to share their experiences as they endeavored toward their career aspirations. Students are asked to share their life goals and participate in a Q&A session with each guest.

Why It's Important: “There are opportunities that under-represented groups miss out on, including opportunities to apply for and attend college,” said Clarence. “Our goal is to make a difference, and we need to start somewhere. It is important to help provide these groups with access and information on the costs, commitments, and opportunities associated with college. Our hope is to expand this program to follow the students as they matriculate so they are thinking consistently about life after high school.”

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