Portland General Electric's Liz English rolls up her sleeves to keep our coast clean

Portland General Electric's Liz English rolls up her sleeves to keep our coast clean

Name: Liz English (on the far right)
Company: Portland General Electric
Job: Customer Contact Operations Assistant

What She Did: For the past five years, Liz English, a customer contact operations assistant at Portland General Electric (PGE), has rallied her coworkers, family and friends for the annual SOLVE Spring Beach Cleanup. This year, more than 80 volunteers removed 15,000 pounds of litter and marine debris from the Oregon coastline to protect people, wildlife and coastal economies.

This year’s SOLVE Spring Beach Cleanup event kicked off PGE’s annual Spring Into Action initiative, where employees are encouraged to pitch in and give back to the community during the month of April. Collectively, 1,339 PGE employees, retirees, family and friends logged more than 4,143 volunteer hours during Spring Into Action.

Why It's Important: “The beach was freezing cold and snowing, but I was still so incredibly impressed with our PGE volunteers,” said Liz English.

Organization Supported: SOLVE, a statewide nonprofit organization, has a mission to bring Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship. “Marine debris is one of the biggest issues facing our oceans and beaches," said Maureen Fisher, CEO of SOLVE. "Every piece of trash picked up has a tremendous impact on the health of Oregon's wildlife and coastal communities.”

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