Kirstyn Gregory of U.S. Bank mentors Portland youth through Financial Beginnings Oregon

Kirstyn Gregory of U.S. Bank mentors Portland youth through Financial Beginnings Oregon

Name: Kirstyn Gregory
Company: U.S. Bank
Job: Performance Coach

What She Did: Kirstyn Gregory, a performance coach at U.S. Bank, has always shared what she knows to help people make good financial decisions. That’s why she started volunteering at Financial Beginnings Oregon three years ago.

As part of her volunteer work, Kirstyn shares her personal philosophy and practical tips for money management with students across Portland. She averages one volunteer outing per month and now is a member of the organization’s Program Committee as well. Kirstyn isn’t the only U.S. Bank employee that volunteers their time with Financial Beginnings. In fact, 34 trained U.S. Bank employees volunteered with the organization in 2017-18.

Why It's Important: “I believe it’s important to get out and educate young people while they are learning, experimenting and forming opinions about the world,” said Kirstyn. “If you are educated and knowledgeable about credit and debit cards and other financial matters, you can be very successful in life.”

Organization Supported: Financial Beginnings Oregon is a nonprofit that provides local, tailored financial education for young people, and is affiliated with Financial Beginnings USA – a national group. Both organizations are committed to building financial literacy skills in a variety of practical areas such as budgeting, credit, investing, risk management and banking. They also focus on reaching historically underserved communities with their programs, with a particular emphasis on low-income individuals and families.

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