Deacon Construction's Theresa Michels shows her support for Kinship House

Deacon Construction's Theresa Michels shows her support for Kinship House

Name: Theresa Michels (she's wearing the grey baseball cap!)
Company: Deacon Construction
Job: Estimating Assistant

What She Did: Theresa Michels joined Deacon Construction’s Giving Committee when she joined the company in 2014. Since then, she has been actively involved in supporting local nonprofits, both financially and through volunteer efforts, and now co-chairs the committee with her coworker, Erin Reed.

After meeting through the Alliance's young professionals program, Emerging Professionals of Portland (EPOP), last summer, Theresa guided the committee to team up with Kinship House to organize a coat drive, which would help the foster children it serves stay warm during the fall and winter months. The drive successfully gathered 80 new coats in all sizes, as well as a large tub of art supplies, all donated by Deacon employees.

After delivering the coats to Kinship House, Theresa took the lead on an even bigger project to support the nonprofit – having Deacon employees build a new play structure, funded by the Deacon Charitable Foundation. Theresa enthusiastically managed the project, not only finding a subcontractor to volunteer their time to assist in the build, but also arranging to have the old play structure donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Theresa’s tireless effort made the project a huge success.

Why It's Important: “It’s what we should be doing when we live in a community with others," Theresa said. "We owe it to try to do our best and help others do their best as well.”

Organization Supported: The Kinship House mission is “to champion the successful permanent placement of each foster child who comes to our door by understanding their unique history, culture, and needs on their journey to finding a forever home.” Located in the Lloyd District, Kinship House provides outpatient mental health and support services to more than 500 foster children each year.

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