Angelette Hamilton, of Kaiser Permanente Northwest, takes her passion for health to new heights

Angelette Hamilton, of Kaiser Permanente Northwest, takes her passion for health to new heights

Name: Angelette Hamilton
Company: Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Job: Patient Navigator

What She Did: For Angelette Hamilton, a patient navigator at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, much of what drives her is an innate passion for helping others and eliminating health inequities. Her passion became personal when she learned that she had stage II hypertension while volunteering with Community Benefit for Good in the Hood, an annual food and music festival that promotes unity.

Since then, Angelette formed a plan to focus primarily on the impact of health disparities in the African-American community, collaborating with organizations like Population Health, Community Benefit and Pharmacy to lead blood pressure clinics to inform the community about health issues. She also teamed up with community organizations to design a specific African-American Health Co-Design to form partnerships around issues like Healthy Birth Initiatives, primarily due to the fact that African-American women lead the nation in infant mortality and premature births.

For Angelette, it’s about continuing the work of eradicating health disparities and recognizing that everyone plays a role in making that happen. It’s her commitment, and its alignment with Kaiser Permanente’s mission, that earned Angelette the distinction of being one of two Kaiser Permanente Northwest recipients of the 2017 David Lawrence Community Service Award.

Why It's Important: “It came from a place where I felt hopeless in the beginning because I saw people suffering and dying from a lack of access to health care. It wasn’t okay for me to not do anything,” said Angelette. “I wanted to give back and make sure that I could empower people through education, building trust and access to improve health outcomes for generations to come. Personally, I’ve made it a mission to continue the work no matter what.”

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