Small Business Management Scholarship Program

The Portland Business Alliance and Portland Community College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers a unique program to help established small businesses move to the next level. The scholarship is offered to 12 small businesses per year and consists of a one-year training course, conducted by the SBDC and sponsored by Bank of America and Willamette University MBA, designed to help experienced business owners increase revenue, improve operations and hire great employees.

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Read what graduates of the SBDC scholarship program have to say, and meet the current and past participants.

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About the SBDC Scholarship Program

Application process

Applicants must complete an online form. Participants are then selected through a competitive, three-stage application process. Selected participants commit to a three-hour class once a month as well as a one-on-one monthly advisory session for 10 months. 

About the program

The Portland Business Alliance can help you take your small business to the next level through its Small Business Management Scholarship Program. The Alliance and Portland Community College's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) partner in providing a 10-month training program, conducted by the SBDC and sponsored by Bank of America, designed to help experienced business owners increase revenue, improve operations and hire great employees.

In an effort to promote small business and job growth, each year, the Alliance offers scholarships to 12 small businesses to participate in the program. After the $1,300 scholarship is applied, businesses will be responsible for only $500 of the $1,800 course tuition. In addition, each program participant will receive a two-year small business level Alliance membership, valued at $820/year, for a total scholarship package valued at $2,940. The scholarships are made possible thanks to a generous partnership with Bank of America.

Additional fees may apply if more than one representative from the company participates in the program. Please contact Dr. Sean Harry with Portland Community College for more information.

The course is designed for owners of small businesses that:

  • Currently or want to begin selling products or services outside of the Portland region
  • Have been in business for at least two years
  • Have at least one employee
  • Are looking to get on track for growth

Topics of SBDC classes include:

  • Sourcing capital and financing
  • Marketing and financial management
  • Exploring new markets

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