Recruitment begins for new role to advance black economic prosperity in our region

Recruitment begins for new role to advance black economic prosperity in our region

Funded by distinct public-private partnerships and drafted in collaboration with NAMC-OR, Motus Recruiting and others

PORTLAND, OR - The recruitment of a new executive director for Black Economic Prosperity begins today, the first and exciting step as our organizations continue to collaborate on a roadmap for improving and amassing wealth for Black families in the greater Portland region.  

"The year has allowed us to collaborate, incubate, and draft a well-thought plan for creating not only a fully-funded role, distinct organizational partnership, but an extraordinary opportunity for a leader to define the economic ladder of wealth for Black families in our region – helping us all better understand who's on first and who's falling behind and how do we improve the lives and livelihoods of so many who are struggling.  

Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Economic justice is a required component of social justice, and the BIPOC communities will never achieve economic justice without an intentional commitment to righting the detrimental impacts of historical and systemic racism. The Black Economic Prosperity Agenda represents a dedicated effort in that direction."  
- Advisory Board for Black Economic Prosperity: Sam Brooks, Janet Campbell, Andrew Colas, Nate McCoy, Alando Simpson, Karis J.A. Stoudamire-Phillips, Charles Wilhoite, Orlando Williams. 


This announcement comes one year after a coalition of Black board members of the Portland Business Alliance joined together to issue a powerful call to action and statement on "The Invisible Knee." 

The statement inspired agreement that "the pathway forward does not require the upending of the entrepreneurial spirit of our region, but instead empowering the Black community to aspire and achieve wealth through the fostering of an economic ecosystem that recognizes the historical systemic barriers Black people face when working to amass wealth." 

The entire board of directors of Portland Business Alliance adopted the Black Economic Prosperity Agenda and unanimously pledged financial commitment to establish a new role and roadmap to assist in this work. Additional financial commitments have been matched by Prosper Portland, Multnomah County and the Oregon Legislature, led by the BIPOC caucus. 

The new effort will be housed within the Oregon Chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors. Motus Recruiting & Staffing, Inc. will lead the national search for this new role. 

“I am honored to not only serve as a member of the advisory board of this transformative initiative, but also tremendously excited that Motus Recruiting has been selected as the search partner to identify the leader who will oversee the efforts to bring economic equity to our region,” said Orlando Williams, Chief Executive & Equity Officer, Motus Recruiting & Staffing, Inc. 

The new director will help deepen the investment of the private sector to serve as a resource for Black communities and those working to change the inequities in our region. 

The objectives of the Black Economic Prosperity effort include: 

Fund 1 FTE position who will assist in efforts to: 
  • Diagnose: Create dashboard of economic & demographic data to inform & measure Black economic prosperity in the greater Portland region​ 
  • Implement: ​ Strategic Plan for Black Economic Prosperity​ 
  • Develop:​ Regional Center for Black Economic Advancement 
Success factors include: 
  • The creation of intergenerational wealth improvements.​ 
  • Jobs and business growth within the Black community.​ 
  • Increase in philanthropic investment by Black-owned businesses and residents.​ 
  • Expansion of our tax base by Black residents in the greater Portland region. 

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