Rise Against Hate Oregon

Rise Against Hate Oregon

Rise Against Hate Oregon is the result of a coming together of AAPI community leaders who want to overcome anti-Asian hate through targeted government action, community support, and harnessing the power of the entire AAPI community.

The May 8th event kicks off a series of events in furtherance of these goals and is supported by nearly 50 AAPI and local organizations.  The event will be livestreamed via our social media channels at 11:30am. Please be sure to highlight this to your community.

We believe that change will come through unity of purpose, continuous education, and thoughtful action. As a supporter of Rise Against Hate Oregon, we are asking for your help to promote the campaign through your social media channels.  Please find below the requested messaging content and timing of the posts.

As a SUPPORTER, your name is listed as a Supporter on our website, in the May 8th event brochure and via our social media channels. It is our hope that acknowledgement as a supporter through these channels will encourage visitors and our community to learn more about your mission. 

Website:             riseagainsthateoregon.com
Facebook:           @ RiseAgainstHateOR
Instagram:          @RiseAgainstHateOR
Twitter:                @AgainstHateOR

Now until May 8th: Focus on promoting May 8th Call to Action live steaming event
  1. Like: Please ask your supporters to like/follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts
  2. Repost/Reshare/Retweet our content
  3. Please post shareable images provided and tag our accounts in your posts
  4. The event will be live-steamed via our social media platform, we invite you and your community to join us by watching and sharing the feed.
  5. Please become a cohost of our Facebook event on May 8th

May 8th: Focus on promoting the #IAmAAPI social media campaign
  1. During the event, we will be launching the #IamAAPI social media campaign to show the diversity of the AAPI community. Please tweet or post a selfie and the following text with the hashtag #IAmAAPI and share your story.
    1. [Your name]
    2. [Your ethnicity and generation in America]
    3. [Year of your or your family’s immigration]
    4. I am [your state], I am [nationality], and I am home.
    5. For example, I am Erica. I am fourth generation Japanese American. My family immigrated in 1912. I am an Oregonian, I am an American, and I am home.