2021 Regional Economic Toolkit

2021 Regional Economic Toolkit

Regional Economic Toolkit combines economic research, public opinion and policy roadmap

This second edition of our greater Portland Regional Economic Toolkit represents hours of transparent process and collaboration by our members, as well as trusted research by regional experts on public opinion with DHM Research and economic data analysis by ECONorthwest.

Included in the toolkit you will find:
  • 2021 Roadmap to Economic Recovery

    The members, staff and partners of the Portland Business Alliance, Greater Portland’s Chamber of Commerce, have developed a roadmap for recovery, offering a way forward for elected officials, public agencies,businesses, nonprofit leaders and community advocates to come together to get Portland’s economy back on track. This plan aligns with our community’s policy prioritiesour strategic plan,and is consistent with the goals developed by Portland’s City Council.  

  • 2021 State of the Economy

    This year’s report on the state of our economy takes a closer look at what happened over the course of 2020, using trusted economic indicators and measures Portland compared to other U.S. “peer” regions using the latest data available. The information is designed to help our community better understand the impacts of the pandemic, recession and true state of our economy as we collectively chart a roadmap to economic recovery.

  • Household Tax Burden

    As we wrap up a year of economic challenges, we wanted to take a closer look at the cumulative impact these new taxes have had on Portland area households. We also wanted to understand the tax burden Portland households experience as compared to other peer regions. The increase of tax incidence to households, coupled with the freefall in housing construction, have set our region on a path of increasing unaffordability.

  • Public Opinion

    At the start of each year, we coordinate with the teams at DHM Research, to take a pulse check on voter sentiment throughout the region. The survey is designed to better understand how voters are feeling, and to highlight top concerns in our community. Key findings this year include growing concerns about the economy and crime, homelessness remains the primary concern in the tri-county region. Learn more.


It was a monumental year in so many ways, and the impacts from Washington, D.C. to Portland’s City Hall will impact the future of our economy for years to come as we work to reopen and recover.

As we have intensely over this past year, we are committed to advancing the needs of our community and support informing policy makers rely on the Portland Business Alliance to understand what’s needed to grow a business, hire people and create family-wage jobs so this region can continue to prosper, and those who live here may continue to enjoy the quality of life that is the hallmark of our region.