Share Your Ideas for Portland’s Core Safety Services

Share Your Ideas for Portland’s Core Safety Services

The mission of the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing (PCCEP) is to work with the Mayor/Police Commissioner, Portland Police Bureau, and Portland's diverse constituencies to solicit and exchange information between the community and Portland Police Bureau (PPB) to achieve the desired outcomes of equitable policing which exceeds constitutional requirements, and meaningful community engagement with and trust in PPB.

PCCEP is asking for help as it develops recommendations for changes to the City's core patrol services to City Council.

You can read more about the opportunity and submit your thoughts, ideas, and questions to PCCEP on the MapApp website here.

Deadline for comments is Feb. 12, 2021.
Questions to consider in providing feedback to help PCCEP develop its recommendations:
  • What types of situations would Portlanders like to have PPB officers respond to while they are on call? 
  • What about situations where they would like to have another service provided? 
  • Are there any changes to how officers respond to situations you still would like them to while on patrol duty that your members would like to raise to PCCEP? (e.g., any instances that worked well and advanced public safety...any instances where it did not)
Please take a few minutes to share your input and thoughts.

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