Prosper Portland offers local Small Business Repair Grants

Prosper Portland offers local Small Business Repair Grants

Many Portland businesses have experienced an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety as a result of recent economic shocks. The Local Small Business Repair Grants will use existing tax increment funding (TIF) resources and funding allocated by City Council to provide near-term support for small businesses impacted by the pandemic. 

Grants will be available throughout the city where businesses have immediate repair needs. If you have any questions, please contact Prosper Portland at 503-823-3285. 

As part of their application businesses will need to submit:            

  1. A photo of the damages
  2. Estimates, receipts and/or invoices associated with the damage
  3. A completed W-9 with a mailing address in order to pay them. We have an option for direct deposit or check


  • Local small businesses impacted by the pandemic.

  • Grants are available citywide for businesses with immediate repair needs.

  • You can search for your business on this map  to see if you are eligible.

  • Businesses must have a current City of Portland business license and be registered with the State Business Registry.

  • Businesses which have previously received Prosperity Investment Program grants from Prosper Portland are eligible.