Our Reflection on Election 2020

Our Reflection on Election 2020

Voters delivered a clear message that they expect our leaders to work together to solve the multitude of historic crises that we currently face. 


We could not be more proud of Portland voters. Record participation. A strong voice of agreement. Voters delivered a clear message that they expect our leaders to work together to solve the multitude of historic crises that we currently face. They approved the essential things they know we need and clearly rejected taxes that were too much at the wrong time. Now it's time for all of us to get to work - together. For a more resilient and equitable future for all Portlanders.


Congratulations to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. And our thanks to Sarah Iannarone for running a competitive race, and raising important concerns facing our community. If Portland is to come out of 2020 in a better place, all voices must be part of the conversation. We congratulate Wheeler for becoming the first since Vera Katz to be elected to a second term as Mayor of Portland. We are committed to working with Mayor Wheeler and the rest of the council on getting Portland back on the right track.


Portland elected a city council this year that reflects a core value of our city - collaboration. We are humbled by the action of the people of Portland. Choosing leaders that bring people together -- something we need now more than ever. Additionally, for the first time in our history, our city council will include two Black members. The majority of the council will be people of color. A historic and hopeful day for the future of Portland. 

Portland Measure 26-217
Portlanders agree - these changes are necessary to accelerate the police reforms our community broadly supports. This approach, rather than arbitrary calls to “defund” the police, will put Portland on a productive path to racial equity in community safety. Read our full statement on support for Measure 26-217.

Portland is not broken, but we are battered. We share a hope for our future: A belief that together we can emerge from these challenging times better, stronger than before. We hear the call for change in our community and ask if you lend your voice in the coming days, to honor the Portland you love. Let us come together in peace and unity to support each other, our local businesses and our city as we begin to rebuild #PortlandTogether.

Today is an important day for America as citizens make their voices heard through the power of democracy. For the past 15 years, Partners in Diversity has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals in our region to build a culture where people of color can thrive and feel safe, connected and welcomed. Today, we reaffirm our commitment and call upon our community to unite against racism and hatred, and to strengthen our resolve to working together to create a peaceful future. Read statement.

The Portland Business Alliance is Greater Portland’s Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to create opportunity and advance well-being for all who live and work in the greater Portland and SW Washington region. Our vision is a healthy and resilient business ecosystem.