Welcome to our new board and executive committee members

Welcome to our new board and executive committee members

New members represent a diverse group of employers, industries, and organizational interests for the region.


PORTLAND, Ore. – Over the past 12 months, the membership of the Portland Business Alliance board has grown and changed. Our directors represent employers small and large, from Wilsonville to Vancouver, from all industries, sectors, and backgrounds.

With the leadership of our executive committee, the board of directors are actively involved in decision-making regarding advocacy, financial health, programming, and membership for the Portland Business Alliance, greater Portland’s Chamber of Commerce.

The executive committee is the governing body of our board of directors. These 21 members are the officers and leadership of the organization. Of the members of our executive committee, 19% identify as Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, or Hispanic/Latinx.

Joining us throughout our last fiscal year 19/20 are several organizational leaders who identify as Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latinx. Because these leaders joined mid-year, they were not included on our new fiscal year announcement, released July 1, 2020. We regret this omission.  Additionally, several board members who identify as professionals of color joined our executive committee and officers list this past year.


We want to introduce you to the 84 board members of the Portland Business Alliance. 

Of the 84 directors and ex-officio members:

- 5% identify as Black
- 5% identify as Hispanic/Latinx

In total, 15% of our board identifies as professionals of color

- 33% are women

While we continue to take steps to diversify our board, there is more work to be done to be inclusive in reflecting the community we serve.

We know we can do more to increase the diversity of our board and better reflect the employer community as a whole. This includes recruiting more women and professionals of color.

We know organizations with diverse boards and leadership are more successful and resilient.

Meet our Executive Committee and Board of Directors for 2020 - 2021


The Portland Business Alliance remains committed to the call to action by our Black board members and former chairs. This statement, issued on June 9, 2020, was followed a week later by our board unanimously voting for commitment to supporting this call to action.

The “Invisible Knee: A Call to Action” calls all of us together to create a regional economic equity plan that encompasses explicit strategies on Black wealth creation as our region is only as strong as our most vulnerable populations.

We look forward to sharing more with the greater Portland community on the policy priorities and road map of goals in response to this long-term action plan to embrace economic equity in our region.


Our efforts over the past 18 months in redefining our chamber of commerce mission, vision and values has resulted in a new strategic plan formally adopted by our board in early May 2020.

We are excited for the work ahead to fulfill the commitment to change within this plan, centered on themes of rebuilding, resiliency, and recovery. Read our mission, vision, and value statement and about the details of our Strategic Plan.
This fiscal year, 11% of our eligible expenses were invested in firms identifying as minority-, women-, or veteran-owned business enterprises (MWVBE).

Our 2019 office move included 47% in subcontracting expenses and 70% in furniture, fixtures & equipment to businesses identifying as minority- women-, veteran-, or LGBTQ-owned business enterprises (MWVBE).

We welcomed new members over the past 12 months, 20% identifying as minority-, women-, or veteran-owned business enterprises (MWVBE).

We are committed to doing more to invest in the diverse employer community of our region.

Read more in our 2020 Impact Report here.


The Portland Business Alliance is greater Portland’s chamber of commerce and represents the largest, most diverse business network in the region. Our mission is to create opportunity and advance well-being for all who live and work in the greater Portland and SW Washington region. Our vision is a healthy and resilient business ecosystem.