New Strategic Plan Unveiled at Annual Meeting

New Strategic Plan Unveiled at Annual Meeting

Portland Business Alliance announces adoption of a new 3-year strategic plan
At today’s Annual Meeting of greater Portland’s Chamber of Commerce, the Portland Business Alliance unveiled the adoption of a new strategic plan. Embedded in the plan are themes of resiliency, rebuilding, and recovery with a foundational value of equity.

This plan is the result of nearly 1.5 years’ collaboration with numerous stakeholders, more than 80 past and present board members, more than 30 past and present staff members, and a diverse set of community partners.

“Embedded in this plan is the commitment to place equity at the heart of what we do,” said Strategic Plan committee chair & executive board member Richelle Luther, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Columbia Sportswear. “We recognize that the history of our region and state have unquestioningly placed communities of color at a disadvantage relative to their white peers. It is incumbent on the business community to build a better economy rooted in providing opportunity for all, especially those who have been marginalized in the past.”

“I am honored to have helped the Portland Business Alliance take the remarkable step of designing its future with the people it impacts most, and building a vision and strategy that welcomes collaboration and open dialogues about equity and bias with the diversity of voices in our greater Portland region,” said Sophia Tzeng, Principal, ASCETA.

“This is a living document. Our members and staff will bring it to life with action and hold ourselves accountable to its outcomes,” said board chair Vanessa Sturgeon, President & CEO, TMT Development.

The Portland Business Alliance engaged ASCETA to support its significant work to develop its strategic plan while cultivating equity awareness through two phases.

In Phase One (December 2018 - March 2019), ASCETA supported the board’s alignment on 
  • A greater vision and new approach for evaluating success and engaging stakeholders
  • Determining high-level priorities for guiding decisions, and
  • Engaging in strategic planning together for the first time.
During Phase Two (September - April 2020), ASCETA supported
  • Integration of diverse stakeholder perspectives through inclusive discovery and engagement across the organization’s ecosystem
  • Exploration of factors to consider in co-creation of plan elements 
  • Adoption of collaborative practices with iterative development of the plan by the Strategic Planning Committee, staff, and board, as well as specific groups including community leaders, culturally specific associations, and historic Alliance leaders
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