URGENT: Call for medical supplies -- donate & drop off

URGENT: Call for medical supplies -- donate & drop off

Our colleagues on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic are asking for our help.

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers are experiencing shortages of critical protective equipment including fluid resistant gowns, nitrile gloves, and N95 masks or surgical masks. 

If your company has any relevant supplies in stock, we urge you to consider donating. And please share this email and request with others you know who may be able to help.

We’re asking every organization to consider how they can help, specifically in donating personal protection equipment (PPE) and the medical and scientific expertise needed to combat COVID-19. 

Please fill out this survey to let us know what you can donate.

*Donations should be clean and unused. Gloves should be in a sealed box.
If you know neighbors who wish to donate, try to consolidate donations for fewer trips to the site.
Do not take donations directly to medical sites; they are too busy to receive donations and they want to keep contamination risks down.

With all this information centralized, we will work to efficiently match requests with available supplies. This effort is meant to augment, not replace, the current structure public health professionals have in place for resource requests from healthcare institutions. We are working closely with all are partners to coordinate.

Any and all protective equipment is asked to be dropped off at one of these two locations:
Remember, larger or more complicated donations can be coordinated by emailing: [email protected]

Portland Fire & Rescue
Fire Logistics warehouse
1300 SE Gideon St
Portland Oregon 97202

Multnomah County Headquarters
(Loading Dock off of 6th Avenue) 
501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland Oregon 97214 
  • Upon arriving at the Multnomah County HQ park and press the security button and let them know you are dropping off donations for the COVID-19 response. We will be there momentarily.

Most importantly, thank you to the doctors, nurses, and other health care employees for keeping us healthy and safe. You are all heroes.

Thank you for your consideration.