Let's play ball! Support major league baseball in Portland.

Let's play ball! Support major league baseball in Portland.

The Portland Business Alliance supports the Portland Diamond Project (PDP)’s initiative to bring Major League Baseball (MLB) to Portland. But keeping the momentum means all of us need to step in to demonstrate support and enthusiasm for this project.

Can you help the Portland Diamond Project reach its goal of 50,000 signatures? They’re close, let’s send them over home plate with a grand slam of support.


A professional baseball franchise in Portland has the potential to positively impact the local and regional economy. Small and local businesses will have much to gain from such a consistent and popular attraction.

An MLB team could bring tens of thousands of patrons to Portland businesses, hotels and restaurants throughout the year. A ballpark development would help our community reach shared goals of additional affordable housing, accessible multimodal transportation options, and the creation of open spaces and other community benefits.

We are encouraging our members to sign the petition to bring an MLB franchise to Portland, which will then be delivered to the MLB Commissioner. This will help to demonstrate Portland’s groundswell of support, commitment and enthusiasm for this initiative.

Portland Diamond Project will send the petition when it reaches 50,000 signatures, and they’re closing in on that number. Please be part of this historic campaign.