Now you can golf with a goat caddie in Oregon

Now you can golf with a goat caddie in Oregon

When future generations look back on Oregon's contribution to the world in the late 2010s, they will, without a doubt, remember the goats.

It was Oregon where the practice of goat yoga was discovered, where the Belmont goats rose to prominence, where you can get flowers delivered, and eaten, by goat. (Okay, that business is based in Washington but they deliver to Oregon).

And now, in Oregon, you can golf with a goat for a caddie.

You can experience this innovation in golf technology at Silvies Valley Ranch in Seneca, a working goat and cattle farm with three golf courses and a spa.

Tygh Campbell owns the ranch. He came up with the goat caddie concept - the ranch raises thousands of goats a year - and enlisted Akbar Chisti, co-founder and president of Beaverton's Seamus Golf, to help make his goat golf dreams a reality.

"I thought it was a hilarious idea," Chisti said over the phone Tuesday. 

The project presented an interesting challenge. How were they going to get a golf bag on a goat, when, Chisti said, "golf bags aren't made to go on goats."

But Chisti, who created Seamus Golf with his wife Megan, was up to the challenge. 

The process of getting a bag that would stay on Bruce, the first goat selected for caddie duties, was iterative.

"The first time we kinda failed because the clubs would fall out," Chisti said. "We took those experiences and improved it."


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