Downtown Portland growth continues apace, with 40 new buildings going up, more jobs

Downtown Portland growth continues apace, with 40 new buildings going up, more jobs

PORTLAND, Ore. — Downtown Portland continues to attract businesses and jobs according to data compiled by the Downtown Clean and Safe District and the Portland Business Alliance.

Just under 100,000 workers flood into the 213 blocks that make up the downtown district every weekday. There are also 40 new buildings under construction.

“The thing that's really important is to recognize the businesses that are growing in this region,” said Lisa Frisch of the Portland Business Alliance. “It's the finance sector, it's the real estate sector, and it's definitely the computer and the information technology sector.”

The number of businesses downtown increased 4 percent in 2016, according to data compiled over a year-long period.

Ninety-five percent of the people who responded to the survey said they feel downtown is safe, but cited transients, panhandlers and parking as issues that need to be addressed.

“Every city in the United States is having challenges with livability, especially Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles," Frisch said. “Portland is not excluded from that list.”

Frisch said downtown still has cachet when it comes to new and existing business moves.

“Businesses really want to locate downtown,” she said. “We're a very prominent location. We're a transit hub, we have a centralized location, and it's really easy to get here. And there's definitely prestige in the downtown address.”

To address the cleanliness issue identified in the survey, downtown Clean and Safe has increased the number of mobile cleaning-unit personnel by 30 percent.

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