Value of Jobs data referenced in "Portland in Transition" report

Value of Jobs data referenced in

On September 28, the State of Oregon Office of Economic Analysis released a report, "Portland in Transititon," that references the Alliance Value of Jobs aspirational and peer cities economic data from the 2016 Economic Check-up.

Portland in Transition

The Portland metro area is in a state of transition. The apartment boom and neighborhood changes in the urban core are highly visible. Residents see and feel the shift. However, the economic changes run even deeper. Over a decade, Portland’s high-wage job growth, household income gains, and rising levels of educational attainment have been transformational. Portland has pulled away from its former economic peers. Even so, Portland has yet to catch the nation’s upper tier. Such gains are undoubtedly good but come with some societal growing pains. Regions and economies are always evolving. However, for some, Portland is now unrecognizable from its past. As such, efforts exist to find the “Next Portland,” or the next up-and-coming metro area. Fortunately, the reasons for Portland’s growth and appeal are far from finished. The future remains bright. Furthermore, none of the most commonly cited
“Next Portland” contenders compare even reasonably well to the real one.

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