Regional leaders support Oregon's historic transportation package

Regional leaders support Oregon's historic transportation package

Summer vacation offered little break from the Portland region's transportation troubles. We still steamed through heavy traffic on freeways. Many of us faced long, hot waits for transit. We witnessed grim crashes and endured jarring potholes throughout our communities. 

It is time to get out of this jam. Thanks to state lawmakers, we're getting on our way.

The state transportation bill - passed by the Legislature in July and signed this week by Gov. Kate Brown - is a critical first step to untangle traffic, improve transit, fix roads and make streets safer in this region and across Oregon.

We say with one voice to our lawmakers in Salem: Thank you for the effort, leadership and courage it took to pass this bill, the biggest investment in transportation in Oregon in recent history.

This bill will begin to relieve traffic bottlenecks, keeping the state's economy moving and helping workers get home to their families. Oregonians will enjoy smoother and safer streets in their neighborhoods, especially around schools.  Bus service will be more frequent and reliable thanks to new funds for transit operations. Freight will get a major boost to reach ports and businesses on time.

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