Statement in Response to OSBA Survey Findings Released

Statement in Response to OSBA Survey Findings Released

On March 13, the Oregon School Boards Association released survey findings that showed Oregonians’ attitudes about state funding for schools. Below is a statement in response to the survey from Portland Business Alliance president and CEO Sandra McDonough who is representing all business groups behind the Oregon Business Plan.

The Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) survey shows Oregonians clearly want legislators to address the unsustainable growth of costs and focus on improving outcomes for students. 

Compared to other states, Oregon ranks 23rd in spending per student but 48th in graduation rates, near dead last. As Oregon business leaders, we agree that improving education outcomes in Oregon is a top priority, and we concur with the findings of OSBA’s poll – that how money is spent is key to achieving improved education outcomes. 

Since 2011, Oregon tax revenues have been increasing faster than almost any other state and we have brought in more tax money than at any other time in state history. The current $1.7 billion budget shortfall stems from rapidly rising government spending – not a lack of taxpayer dollars. 

No amount of economic growth or tax increase will solve Oregon’s budget problem if lawmakers don’t bring government costs under control first.