Portland Business Alliance board of directors endorses Ted Wheeler for mayor

Portland Business Alliance board of directors endorses Ted Wheeler for mayor

Others endorsed in regional races

Portland, Ore. – Today, the Portland Business Alliance board of directors announced its endorsement of Ted Wheeler for mayor of Portland. The board also announced endorsements in Multnomah and Clackamas county commission races. 

For the mayoral race, Mitch Hornecker, chair of the Alliance board of directors, issued the following statement: 
“For the first time in many years, Portlanders have two very strong candidates to choose from in the 2016 mayoral election. 
Ted Wheeler has a solid record of leadership at both the state and local levels. As Multnomah County chair, he managed the county through the Great Recession, deftly handling a fiscal crisis that, in terms of its severity, eclipsed most others in our state. As state treasurer, Wheeler has been a reasoned voice for fiscal integrity and innovative thinking, and he has made a mark as one of Oregon’s top elected officials. 
As a state legislator, Jules Bailey earned early praise as a thoughtful leader who worked collaboratively with his colleagues on many of the key issues facing Oregon. Bailey has had relatively little time in his current role as a Multnomah County Commissioner, but so far he has proven to be a team player and thought leader on the commission. 
The Alliance has worked extensively with both candidates in their respective elected roles and, while we have disagreed on issues from time to time, both Wheeler and Bailey have always been open to conversation and consideration of our points of view. That willingness to engage is critical in a mayor. 
In our endorsement process, the Alliance considered many issues, but for the mayoral race our decision came down to one critical attribute: experience. On that basis, we are choosing to endorse Ted Wheeler, whose years at the head of two key government entities, Multnomah County and the Oregon Treasury, makes him best prepared to lead our city and deal with such issues as homelessness and housing affordability. We believe he will unite disparate voices under one vision for what Portland can be. 
We continue to be impressed with Jules Bailey and sincerely hope to see him in a major leadership position at some point in the future.”
Other endorsements announced by the Alliance board today were: 
Multnomah County Commission 
Position 1: Brian Wilson 
Position 2: Jessica Vega Pederson 
Position 4: Lori Stegmann 
Clackamas County Commission 
Position 3: Martha Schrader 
Position 4: Bill King 

Alliance board endorsements are based on a process that includes candidate interviews conducted by its endorsement committee, followed by a vote by the full board. Two-thirds of the board members present must agree before an endorsement is made.

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