Video Forum: Humanizing your reopen plans

Video Forum: Humanizing your reopen plans

As our state emerges from the closures of the pandemic, what does it mean to reopen and "go back to work?" Watch this informative discussion by leading experts in human resources and change management. Hear what other employers are planning, from remote work plans to in-office supports. Our region's leaders talk about ways you can support your team's plan as we redefine a whole new way of returning to the office.


  • Kimberly Branam, Executive Director, Prosper Portland
  • Andrew Schpak, Co-Managing Partner, Barran Liebman
  • Serilda Summers-McGee, Founder and CEO, Workplace Change
  • Pat Welch, Co-Founder and CEO, Boly:Welch

Moderated by Morgan Romero with KGW-TV