Public health needs your help – Print & Post

Public health needs your help – Print & Post

The City of Portland and Multnomah County Health Department need your help getting this important COVID-19 message out to our community.

Many of our most vulnerable community members are not getting important messages about how to stay safe, slow the spread of the virus, and find reliable information.
They have developed a special poster, designed to be accessible to as many people as possible, including multicultural and multilingual communities. 

These files are compatible with screen readers, the color combos should work for those with color blindness, and there is enough contrast for the documents to print well in greyscale. We are working on translating it into 20+ languages and will send you that as soon as possible. 
Please print this poster and hang it on your business door, in your lobby, and anywhere else that's highly visible.
In the next week, public health officials and partners will be printing paper copies and using volunteers to distribute them. 

Help us share this poster/flyer everywhere in Portland/Multnomah County. 

Please help us spread this message far and wide. 

Forward this page to those in your networks and ask them to do the same.

Thank you.