A note from new Alliance President & CEO

A note from new Alliance President & CEO

I am thrilled to be here in Portland, and honored and humbled to be the President and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance. Since recently relocating to the city, I received a warm welcome, and for that, both my family and I are grateful.

The work of the Alliance is vitally important to the region, to the members we serve and the economy we help to grow. It is because of the leadership of our board, the commitment of our more than 1,900 members and our dedicated staff, that the Alliance is the leading voice of business in the greater Portland region. Our board of directors, led by our incoming chair, is representative of the region’s economic base and our diverse membership across all industries; from global enterprises, large companies, nonprofits, emerging businesses, small businesses and solo-preneurs. 

I will be embarking on an outreach plan that will allow me to engage with Alliance members, partners and elected officials. My goal with this outreach is to listen and learn about your priorities, and to better understand your ideas on how we can best support you in growing our economy in a thoughtful and inclusive way.  

To that end, working with the board and a broad spectrum of diverse stakeholders, over the coming year the Alliance will develop a strategic plan that will take into account the evolving needs of the Portland business community by building on the solid foundations that have been established over the past decade. I would be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to acknowledge the steadfast leadership of my predecessor, Sandra McDonough. Her dedication and vision are qualities that we can all aspire toward.   

Already in my short time in Portland, I have been inspired by the creative and innovative spirit of the city and its business community. I intend to look for opportunities to tap into this spirit and leverage the region’s greatest and most important resource, our human capital. I’m confident that as Portland continues to grow and evolve, the challenges the city and region encounter will be solved with collaboration and input from Portland’s private sector.

Both the staff and I have an ‘open door’ ethos, both physically and virtually. We encourage you to reach out and use the Alliance as your go-to resource. The Alliance team is a tireless group of professionals that are here to serve the needs of our members. I am sure many of you already know this based on your interactions with the team, but it is something that speaks to the strength of our organizational values.   

I look forward to meeting you in the coming months and I hope you and your families enjoy the beautiful Oregon summer.

Very best wishes,