The Portland region’s businesses and the Portland Business Alliance have a long history of supporting education, starting back in 1905 when the chamber began awarding student scholarships. From that point on, the business community has continued to be a critical community partner, helping to fundraise and advocate for schools. The Alliance is a strong supporter of the state’s 40-40-20 goal, as well as a proponent of more stable and predictable education funding, and greater innovation in the classroom that can boost the region’s educational attainment.


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Help shape the policy agenda for the Portland business community

Announcing new policy committees and member-driven policy agenda process.

Leadership introduces PERS reform – Contact your legislator today

After passing $2 billion in business taxes to boost school funding, legislative leaders introduced a package (Senate Bill 1049) that will protect PERS benefits already earned and reinstates employee contributions to support the future of the pension system.

Report takes deep look at East County economy

Annual Economic Check-up finds disparities in jobs, housing, work-life balance compared to the rest of the region.

New poll finds top concerns for Portland region voters

Homelessness, housing affordability and congestion remain top concerns; Shift in views on city governance and climate change

2017 legislative wrap up

The 2017 legislative session adjourned sine die on Friday, July 7, 2017. The session began with two major issues to tackle: addressing the state’s $1.6 billion budget deficit and passing a transportation package. With higher-than-expected revenues in the May revenue forecast, the number on which the budget is based, the deficit decreased to $1.4 billion. Though there were exceptions, for most of the session both chambers were reluctant to move controversial bills that could make bipartisan efforts related to the big issues more difficult.

A look at the 2017 legislative session

The 2017 legislative session adjourned on Friday, July 7, 2017. The session began in February with two major issues facing lawmakers: Addressing the state’s budget deficit of $1.6 billion (later revised to $1.4 billion after a better-than-expected May revenue forecast), and passing a comprehensive transportation package.

Portland Public Schools superintendent search

Given the challenges facing the district, the Alliance is urging the Portland Public School Board to prioritize strong management experience and systems thinking in its search for a new superintendent.

Portland Public Schools capital bond delayed

Prior to the Portland Public School (PPS) Board’s decision to wait until May 2017 to ask voters to approve a capital bond for schools, the Alliance had advocated that the bond include all three high schools (Benson, Lincoln and Madison) that were originally planned for renovation, while also making priority investments to address lead contamination in the schools.

Education a focus of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session

The 2015 Regular Legislative Session adjourned on July 6, 2015. This session was marked by strong Democrat majorities in both chambers and the newly appointed Governor Brown taking over just after the legislature convened.

Persistent achievement gap harms Oregon's economy

The Portland Business Alliance, the Value of Jobs Coalition, and Chalkboard Project today released results of a joint study called, “Economics of the Achievement Gap; Oregon and the Portland Area.”


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Our work to find the place where we can agree Our work to find the place where we can agree
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As part of the Value of Jobs Coalition, the Alliance has a vision for the Portland region: To create a prosperous, healthy community with a good quality of life for everyone. This starts with more private-sector jobs. A series of reports by the coalition shows why family-wage, private-sector job creation must be a regional priority.
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