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The Portland Business Alliance drives a connection between public policy, business health and the region’s overall prosperity. The Alliance works with its members to lead initiatives, weigh in on proposed policy or offer strategic support to ensure the Portland region continues to be a great place to do business, live and prosper.


Latest Activity

COVID-19 Oregon Business Survey Results

Our statewide partners at Travel Oregon and Business Oregon released their final summary of the COVID-19 Business Survey.

VIDEO: Election Q&A: Portland Commissioner No. 2

On April 29, we hosted a two-part discussion with candidates running for Portland's City Council, Commissioner Number 2 in the May 19 primary election.

#WeAreHereTogether – show your support with a sign

We are proud to endorse Measure 26-210 in the May primary to help end chronic homelessness in our region.

Regional Economic Toolkit combines economic research, public opinion and policy roadmap

This first edition of our greater Portland Regional Economic Toolkit represents hours of transparent process and collaboration by our members, as well as trusted research by regional experts on public opinion with DHM Research and economic data analysis by ECONorthwest.

2020 Member-Driven Policy Agenda

This policy agenda represents a six-month transparent and member-led process that included more than 150 hours of committee meetings and engagement by members of the Portland Business Alliance, community advocates, nonprofit leaders and government officials

Do you think Oregon is on the right track?

Help state leaders better understand what your business needs to grow and succeed

Help shape the policy agenda for the Portland business community

Announcing new policy committees and member-driven policy agenda process.

Leadership introduces PERS reform – Contact your legislator today

After passing $2 billion in business taxes to boost school funding, legislative leaders introduced a package (Senate Bill 1049) that will protect PERS benefits already earned and reinstates employee contributions to support the future of the pension system.

Report takes deep look at East County economy

Annual Economic Check-up finds disparities in jobs, housing, work-life balance compared to the rest of the region.

New poll finds top concerns for Portland region voters

Homelessness, housing affordability and congestion remain top concerns; Shift in views on city governance and climate change

Automation and the Future of Work report released

The Value of Jobs coalition, led by the Portland Business Alliance, released its latest report, Automation and the Future of Work, which explores issues related to technological changes, and the impact this escalating trend will have on Oregon communities and the state’s workforce.

Ninth Circuit Court split receives opposition

The Portland Business Alliance sent a letter to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee opposing a proposal to split the Ninth Circuit Court’s jurisdiction.

2017 legislative wrap up

The 2017 legislative session adjourned sine die on Friday, July 7, 2017. The session began with two major issues to tackle: addressing the state’s $1.6 billion budget deficit and passing a transportation package. With higher-than-expected revenues in the May revenue forecast, the number on which the budget is based, the deficit decreased to $1.4 billion. Though there were exceptions, for most of the session both chambers were reluctant to move controversial bills that could make bipartisan efforts related to the big issues more difficult.

A look at the 2017 legislative session

The 2017 legislative session adjourned on Friday, July 7, 2017. The session began in February with two major issues facing lawmakers: Addressing the state’s budget deficit of $1.6 billion (later revised to $1.4 billion after a better-than-expected May revenue forecast), and passing a comprehensive transportation package.

New minimum wage increases

Last year, the state legislature passed legislation that raises the minimum wage for workers across the state at various levels intended to reflect economic realities in different locations.

Brighter Oregon influenced discussions on the state budget

Beginning December of 2016 and throughout the 2017 legislative session, Brighter Oregon, the Oregon Business Plan coalition, advocated for a three-prong framework.

Transportation package updates and workplace regulations

After last-minute negotiations, the Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization is set to release an updated transportation package that appears likely to move forward.

City and county pass 100 percent renewable resolutions

Portland City Council and the Multnomah County Commission recently passed resolutions establishing a goal that community-wide energy needs will be met with 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

City council updates investment policy

The city of Portland’s treasurer submitted a proposal that sought to incorporate principles of socially responsible investing without the needs for a committee, or a ‘do not buy’ list of excluded from potential city investments.

Business leaders visit Washington, D.C.

On behalf of the Oregon Business Plan delegation, the Alliance led its annual lobbying trip to Washington, D.C., from April 5 to 7.

Alliance generates hundreds of comments for Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup

​The Alliance generated 346 public comments in response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup plan before the public comment period closed on Sept. 6.

Act Now for a Healthy River, Healthy Economy

There are 36 days left to comment on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup plan.

Environmental Protection Agency releases Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup plan

On June 8, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposed $758 million plan to clean up the Portland Harbor Superfund, kicking off a 60 day public comment period.

Portland Harbor cleanup plan expected this month

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to release its proposed cleanup plan for the Portland Harbor Superfund site on May 26.

Alliance weighs in on city of Portland’s Comprehensive Plan Update

The Alliance has been tracking the comprehensive plan and economic opportunities analysis over the last three years and continues to provide input at strategic points throughout the process.

Alliance weighs in on street closures for World Indoor Track and Field Championships

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is proposing a number of street closures around Pioneer Courthouse Square for the World Indoor Track and Field Championships in March of 2016. The Alliance expressed concern about potential business impact as a result of the street closures.

Alliance testifies on the city of Portland’s proposed economic opportunities analysis

As part of the state-mandated comprehensive plan, the city of Portland is required to complete an economic opportunity analysis (EOA) that evaluates employment land needs by sector and land use categories.

Portland City Council approves city-wide 'Ban the Box' regardless of new state law

The Alliance urged Portland City Council to reconsider its ‘Ban the Box’ ordinance, which was unanimously approved by Council on Nov. 25.

Alliance supports revisions to federal PATENT Act

​The Alliance is urging Senator Jeff Merkley and Senator Ron Wyden to support revisions to the PATENT Act, which aims to decrease unnecessary patent litigation and provide businesses needed protection.

Alliance comments on city of Portland Employment Zoning Project

The Alliance submitted its comments on the Employment Zoning Project, which will modify the city’s zoning code to maintain industrial land capacity needed to meet expected growth in the Portland Harbor, Columbia Corridor, Central Eastside Industrial Area and dispersed employment areas in the city of Portland.

Alliance weighs in on increased noise code regulations in employment areas

The city of Portland convened a Noise Code Task Force to look at the possibility of greater regulatory authority around construction equipment as it pertains to the noise code and noise code regulations in employment “EX” zones.


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