Portland Business Alliance May 2023 Special Election Endorsements

Portland Business Alliance May 2023 Special Election Endorsements

The ballots have been mailed, so now it's time to vote!

On Tuesday, May 16, we will vote in an unusually important special election, the importance of which cannot be overstated. The unacceptable status of our region continues to be clear and obvious for all Greater Portland residents to see. This election will provide us with an opportunity to continue the momentum we built in the last election and the growing collaboration we are beginning to see more from our state and local elected leaders. Conversely, this election could also tip Portland over the edge into a level of taxation, not seen anywhere in the nation.

As we head to the ballot box, a record number of Portlanders are still living on our streets; small businesses across the city continue to be victimized by burglaries and robberies; and a spiraling cost of living crisis burdens more and more families. All of this in our city, which now has one of the highest local tax burdens in the nation. Portlanders are justifiably angry, as revealed in this year’s DHM Research community survey, with only 18% of voters saying our city is headed in the right direction. It should worry all Portlanders that for the first time in years, our population has declined by over 20,000 people in just two years. 

The unacceptable status of our region continues to be clear and obvious for all Greater Portland residents to see. But since the 2022 election, we have begun to see signs of hope. We have seen more decisive action and more collaboration from state and local leaders. We have seen unity and a serious commitment to take on these numerous crises. To build on this momentum, we must continue to elect practical, collaborative leaders, who will remain focused on delivering basic services and act with clear, actionable strategies for solving the multitude of crises facing the entire Portland region.

The candidates we endorse are not “pro-business” in the traditional sense. We describe them as “pro-collaboration” leaders who understand the critical importance of partnering with the private sector to solve what seem like overwhelming crises. We endorse candidates that demonstrate transparency, urgency with a clear focus on reducing the number of unsheltered Portlanders on our streets, reducing violent crime plaguing our region, restoring cleanliness and livability in every neighborhood, and helping employers of all sizes rebuild their businesses. 


Vote NO on Measure 26-238
Measure 26-238 is one of the most disastrous proposals ever put before Multnomah County voters. Measure 26-238 creates an unlimited, adjustable tax on capital gains that applies to everyone living in Multnomah County – including seniors, small business owners, and families — regardless of income or ability to pay. Capital gains aren’t just for rich people. It includes any profit from things like selling your home, your retirement account, owning a small business or being self-employed, property you inherited, modest investments and more. But unlike other taxes on capital gains, Measure 26-238 has no income threshold or exemptions — even for a primary residence.

This adjustable tax can keep going up every year with no limit. If it were to pass it would establish the first local capital gains tax in America, with an astonishing half of the generated tax dollars going simply to collecting it. It would make Multnomah County clearly the highest taxing jurisdiction in the nation.

The OregonianWillamette Week, and the Gresham Outlook agree that this measure should be rejected. Vote NO on Measure 26-238 by May 16!

Please consider a contribution to the NO on Measure 26-388 campaign.

Julia Brim-Edwards for Multnomah County Commission, District 3
When Jessica Vega Pederson was elected Multnomah County Chair, it created a special election to fill the rest of the District 3 term. Our strong support for Julia Brim-Edwards came down to two factors – proven experience and focus. Julia is a tested leader and small business owner with a track record of strong leadership and establishing clear plans to take on and solve homelessness, restore public safety, and build addiction and mental health services.

In the Multnomah County District 3 race, there is one clear choice. We have the opportunity to elect Julia Brim Edwards, one of Portland’s most proven leaders, who will bring great accountability and urgency to our region.

She has earned the endorsements of The Oregonian and Willamette Week.

We encourage you to support Julia’s campaign.

Vote YES on Measure 26-240 to renew the Portland Children’s Levy
We encourage you to vote YES for the Portland Children’s Levy. The need for investments in children has become even more urgent as kids grapple with the damaging impact of the pandemic. The Portland Children’s Levy invests wisely and carefully, funding only proven programs, in clearly defined areas including the prevention of child abuse, child hunger, support for foster children, and educational success. It is a clear example of a well-run taxpayer funded program, with a 5% cap on administrative costs and a citizen oversight committee. And Measure 26-240 will not increase the current tax rate. We encourage you to read Willamette Week’s endorsement and consider a contribution to the renewal campaign.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and dedication to Portland and our region.
We are stronger together!