Endorsements for May 2020 Primary

Endorsements for May 2020 Primary

We are proud to share the Portland Business Alliance 2020 primary candidate endorsements with our members and the community.

The May 2020 primary election is truly historic. We are all filling out our ballots amid a global pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has upended our lives and wrought widespread economic damage. The process of rebuilding an economy that benefits everyone in our community will require unprecedented collaboration between the public and private sector for years to come, and this year we will be electing who those leaders will be.

This year, the Alliance took a completely new approach to our candidate evaluation process. We developed a new program called Prosperity Champions, which focused on building collaborative relationships between business leaders and ALL candidates running for local office who expressed a willingness to engage in discussion with our members.

We opened the door, leaving behind formal interviews and detailed policy questionnaires, and refocused on a transparent process that could include more Portland Business Alliance members engaged in the early stages of the endorsement process.

And we focused our evaluation on the leadership qualities that will be most important if we are to succeed in rebuilding Portland into the economically resilient region, we know it can be. We looked for leaders who are committed to building collaborative decisions across coalitions, value transparency, and are proven leaders in forming public-private partnerships.

The candidates we recommend are not “pro-business” in the traditional sense.  We would describe them as “pro-collaboration” leaders who understand that critical importance of partnering with the private sector to solve our most pressing challenges.

You will also notice that we chose not to issue an endorsement in every race. In these cases, the lack of an endorsement indicates that we chose to wait until the race moves to a likely run-off in November, or our members who engaged in the process had differing views on the candidates. 

During this unprecedented campaign season, candidates have not been able to reach voters with traditional campaign strategies. Voters will have less information about the candidates than they typically do, making the value of trusted voices like the Portland Business Alliance will be even more important.

We hope you will use this to guide your voting decisions and you will share it with colleagues, friends, and family.

Thank you for all you are doing in these challenging times for your employees and our community. 

Public Endorsements by Portland Business Alliance, greater Portland's Chamber of Commerce.

Oregon State Treasurer – Tobias Read
Mayor, City of Portland – Ted Wheeler
Oregon State Representative, District 42 – Rob Nosse
Mayor, City of Beaverton – Denny Doyle
Multnomah County Commissioner, District 1 - Sharon Meieran
Multnomah County Commissioner, District 3 - Jessica Vega Pederson
Multnomah County Commissioner, District 4 - Lori Stegmann
Washington County Commissioner, District 3 - Roy Rogers
Clackamas County Commissioner, Position 3 - Martha Schrader

Open Seats:
Metro Council, Position 5 – Karen Spencer

YES - Measure 26-210 - Metro Homeless Services Measure
YES - Measure 26-209 - City of Portland - Gas Tax for Street Repair, Maintenance, Safety

Voter information:
Clackamas County Elections
Multnomah County Elections
Washington County Elections
Oregon Secretary of State