Advocating for our region at the national level

Advocating for our region at the national level

Washington, D.C. fly-in, infrastructure plans and the latest on trade

Washington D.C. Fly-in

The Portland Business Alliance's joint Washington D.C. fly-in with Oregon Business & Industry, the Oregon Business Council and the Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA) is just around the corner. Join us April 1-3 as we meet with members of our congressional delegation, administration officials and other national policy officials to discuss our shared priorities, which include:

  • Delivering a replacement for the I-5 bridge
  • Passing a new infrastructure and surface transportation package
  • Increasing global trade opportunities for our companies through more stable and transparent trade policies
  • Expanding resources for affordable housing and support services to help those experiencing homelessness
  • Establishing a long-term ‘private-public partnership’ dedicated to restoring federal forests and creating wood-fiber related jobs in rural communities

The deadline to register is March 10 and space is filling-up fast. Come join the Oregon business community as we advocate for policy and programs to help our state and region thrive.



On Jan. 29, House Speaker Pelosi and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair, Peter DeFazio of Oregon, unveiled a new and ambitious plan called the Moving Forward Framework. This framework calls for the investment of $760 billion in infrastructure over a five year period. Key highlights from the plan related to PNITA’s priorities are:

  • $329 billion for highway modernization
  • $55 billion for rail
  • $30 billion for airports
  • $10 billion for maritime navigation and flood protection
  • $19.7 billion for harbor and port
  • $86 billion for broadband investment

Moving forward (pun intended) with this plan would benefit Oregon in a number of ways. The Oregon Department of Transportation has previously reported that poor road and bridge conditions throughout Oregon will cost roughly 100,000 future jobs and nearly $100 billion in cumulative state GDP through 2035.

Though there’s lots here to get excited about, there is still no word on the funding strategy for this plan. With a hefty price tag, there’s no doubt that difficult choices will have to be made, including the possibility of an increase to the federal gas tax. We will be tracking closely if and how the various pieces of this plan advance through committees, so stay tuned. To learn more about the Moving Forward Framework, click here.

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