2019 Board Endorsements: Bull Run Watershed, Metro Parks Bond and PPS Levy

2019 Board Endorsements: Bull Run Watershed, Metro Parks Bond and PPS Levy

During the Portland Business Alliance’s September board meeting, the board of directors voted to endorse regional and city measures: Measure 26-204, the Bull Run Watershed protection amendment to the Portland City Charter, Measure 26-203, the Metro Parks Bond Renewal, and Measure 26-207, the Portland Public Schools (PPS) teachers levy renewal. Both Measure 26-203 and 26-207 will be referred to the November 2019 special election ballot.


City of Portland Measure 26-204 – Amends city charter to increase Bull Run Watershed protections by restricting access, regulating allowed activities and limiting land uses.

Measure 26-204 places what is already existing practice into the Portland City Charter. The high-quality unfiltered drinking water provided by the Bull Run Watershed is a key livability factor for our region, and this measure will lock in protection for this vital natural resource for future generations.


Measure 26-203 – Metro Parks Bond Renewal
The Portland Business Alliance has consistently supported the Metro parks/open spaces bond, which will stay at the current rate. If the bond is renewed it would:
  • Authorize $475 million in general obligation bonds to continue regional programs to protect and improve water quality in local rivers and streams, and help salmon and other native fish;
  • Protect headwaters of local rivers and restore wetlands to control flooding;
  • Fund local water quality, wildlife habitat, trail and park maintenance projects, and large-scale community nature access projects;
  • Continue Nature in Neighborhoods grants to protect and connect people and nature; and
  • Maintain Metro’s parks, and make these parks and natural areas safer, more accessible and welcoming, especially for low-income families and communities of color.  

Measure 26-207 – PPS Levy Renewal
The Portland Business Alliance has a long history of supporting education and has continued to be a critical community partner, helping to advocate for schools, and steadfastly calling for adequate, stable and predictable funding. Measure 26-207, if renewed, would produce an estimated $99.9 million for PPS in school year 2020-2021, replacing the levy passed in 2014. The proposed levy renewal would:
  • Fund teaching positions and classroom supports at every school in the district;
  • Continue to provide fiscal accountability and independent oversight; and
  • Maintain the existing tax rate of $1.99 per $1,000 of assessed value.