New poll finds top concerns for Portland region voters

New poll finds top concerns for Portland region voters

Homelessness, housing affordability and congestion remain top concerns; Shift in views on city governance and climate change

Today, the Portland Business Alliance released the results of a public opinion poll, conducted by DHM Research, designed to better understand the attitudes of voters throughout the region about key concerns, jobs and the economy.

View the complete poll results (PDF).

  • Homelessness and housing affordability remain primary concerns in the greater Portland region.
  • Traffic congestion remains a concern, and voters expect investments that improve transportation options for drivers, pedestrians, transit riders and cyclists.
  • Climate change is a growing concern among voters of all ages.
  • City of Portland voters could be ready for a City Council elected by district.
"We're encouraged that our advocacy efforts on homelessness, housing affordability and congestion remain in line with concerns shared by voters across the greater Portland region," said Andrew Hoan, President and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance. “Concern over climate change is clearly growing, as well as the views on representation of city government, which will spark new conversations that we look forward to engaging with our partners on."

The Alliance contracted with DHM Research to conduct the telephone survey of likely voters in the Portland metro region, which occurred Jan. 9 to 14, 2019. The telephone survey consisted of 510 likely voters, half of which were from the City of Portland and half from Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties who do not live within Portland city limits. Respondents were contacted by a live interviewer from a list of registered voters that included both landline and cell phone numbers.

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