Let's keep Portland affordable #NOonM26201

Let's keep Portland affordable #NOonM26201

Andrew Hoan spoke against Measure 26-201 at League of Women Voters forum on Oct. 2.

This November, Portlanders will be asked to vote on Measure 26-201, a “gross receipts” tax similar to Measure 97 that voters soundly defeated two years ago. Measure 26-201 would impose a 1 percent gross receipts tax on the total sales of goods and services by certain large businesses. Like Measure 97, it’s a costly, regressive tax that those businesses will pass along to their customers in the form of higher prices – including for everyday essentials such as gas, clothing, cell phone and internet services, insurance, banking and more.

The Alliance opposes Measure 26-201 because it would make Portland even less affordable for families already struggling with the city’s rapidly rising cost of living. The hidden sales tax will increase living expenses for Portland families by nearly $200 a year. That’s especially hard on Portland's poorest families because they pay a greater share of their income on basic living expenses.

We support efforts to address climate change but every Portland business and household already pays a 6 percent fee on their electricity bills and a 3 percent fee on their natural gas bills to fund the same kind of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs Measure 26-201 is intended to support. Portlanders are being asked to pay twice for the same efforts, yet important concerns like affordable housing, homelessness and traffic would still not be addressed.
Alliance President and CEO Andrew Hoan spoke against the measure at the League of Women Voters Election Forum on Tuesday evening.

“This measure is a regressive tax that will impact the people of Portland who can’t afford it,” said Hoan at the forum. “A program to provide access to energy efficiency resources already exists. Let’s reform the program we have and work together to keep Portland affordable for everyone.”

You can watch a recording of the forum discussion on Metro East Community Media (Comcast channel 11 or 331, Frontier FIOS channel 22), multiple broadcast times, beginning Thursday, Oct. 11 at 6 p.m. and again through Nov. 4. You can also watch the video below.
Learn more about the campaign to defeat Measure 26-201 and get involved by visiting www.KeepPortlandAffordable.com.