A Place With No Ceiling

A Place With No Ceiling is an annual event that connects and inspires business women through a celebration of a female executive who has broken through a glass ceiling in her particular industry. In addition to an individual, an organization is also recognized for supporting the advancement of its female employees.

This year marks the 10th anniversary for A Place With No Ceiling and we are thrilled to recognize Gard Communications with the Glass Ceiling Breaker Award and Kathryn Correia, President and CEO of Legacy Health with the Sandra K. McDonough Leadership Award.

Join us for the celebration!

September 29, 2022

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Oregon Museum of Science & Industry - 1945 SE Water Ave.

About our Honorees:

Gard Communications

As a female-owned, female-led agency with more than two-thirds of its employees who identify as women and approximately one-third who identify as members of minority groups, Gard Communications exemplifies a company that is making powerful strides toward equity and advancement for women leaders in the business world. Gard Communications demonstrates this commitment in its everyday operations, leading and inspiring others (both inside and outside of the company) with deep understanding, experience and a subtle confidence that makes it a truly authentic role model for other businesses. Gard Communications President and CEO Liz Fuller was also recognized in 2021 by the Portland Business Journal as a Forty Under 40 leader.

Kathryn Correia

Now in her fourth year as Legacy Health’s first woman President and Chief Executive Officer, Kathryn Correia understands the importance of setting the stage for other women leaders in the organization to continue to propel their careers. At Legacy Health, Kathryn makes it a priority to eliminate subtle and overt barriers for women. Kathryn has also made physical, professional and emotional safety a top priority across the organization, and she is appreciated by staff and colleagues for being direct, transparent, collaborative, thoughtful and focused.