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Portland Business Alliance Statement to Mayor Hales

Decision to stop negotiations with Pembina signals, “Portland is closed for business”

May 7, 2015

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Portland, Ore. – Today, Mayor Hales indicated he has withdrawn his support for the Pembina propane export facility at the Port of Portland’s Terminal 6, This announcement comes on the same day President Obama is arriving in Portland to talk about Portland-metro’s role in the global economy.
Sandra McDonough, president and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance issues this statement:
“We are extremely disappointed that the mayor has abruptly closed the door on the Pembina propane export facility, the largest private investment ever proposed in the city of Portland. The $500 million investment would have received no public subsidy and would have provided $12 million of tax revenue annually, enough to fund the equivalent of 33 Portland police officers or fire fighters, 31 teachers for Portland Public Schools and 24 deputy sheriffs in Multnomah County.
Though the city claims a strong equity agenda, today’s action doesn’t support that value. This project was projected to create 40 jobs directly in the North Portland facility with an average wage of $95,000, more than double the median wage in the metro area. In addition, the project would have yielded 800 union construction jobs over two years. These are important family-wage jobs that our city needs to realize its equity goals and provide many people a path out of poverty.
Propane, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified as a clean alternative fuel source, would have displaced dirtier fuels in many developing countries. The Pembina facility would have enabled Portland to export a cleaner fuel to communities sorely in need of an opportunity to address environmental issues. Portland could have been positioned to export our environmental ethic around the world had this been successful.
When investments like Pembina’s are flatly refused, it sends a message to other companies that Portland is not open for business.”