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Portland Business Alliance issues statement on Governor Kate Brown’s endorsement of Measure 97

August 4, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. – We are deeply disappointed in Governor Brown for deciding to endorse this costly and damaging measure. The state’s own economists have said that, if passed, Ballot Measure 97 will result in 38,000 fewer private-sector jobs. Additionally, the state economists have said this tax will cost Oregon families hundreds of dollars a year, as much of the impact will be passed through to consumers in the form of higher prices for groceries, insurance, gasoline, electricity, medicine and other necessities.
Low-income Oregonians, the people the governor has claimed to care the most about, will be hit the hardest, according to the independent Legislative Revenue Office. We don’t understand how Governor Brown can reconcile her concern for working families with her support for a measure that will hit their pocketbooks the hardest.
Based on her statement today, we are not clear where the governor truly stands on her intent should Measure 97 pass. Today she said she “will make sure the funds the measure yields go towards schools, health care and seniors, as the voters expect.” But just a few weeks ago, she issued an implementation plan that would divert the money to other uses. These statements appear to be in conflict.
In the meantime, we are confident that Oregon voters will understand that this largest tax increase in our state’s history is more than Oregon families can afford and they will vote no.