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Business Groups Recognize Oregon as Major Player in Global Trade

Year-long campaign calls on state leaders to support trade-related measures

March 5, 2015

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Portland, Ore. - “International trade generates nearly half a million jobs in Oregon and is a major economic growth engine for the state.”

That point is among many to be made throughout 2015 by the Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA), a program of the Portland Business Alliance, and by the Port of Portland. Together the Alliance and the Port are launching “Year of Trade in Oregon” as a way to raise awareness for Oregon’s strength in global markets and for the state’s economic dependence on trade.

Other organizations supporting this effort include: Greater Portland Inc., Business Oregon, Oregon Consular Corps, Oregon Department of Agriculture, CMS Consulting Services, the Portland Development Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce.
“Around the world, ‘Made in America’ and ‘Made in Oregon’ have strong reputations for quality right now,” said Bill Wyatt, executive director of Port of Portland. “With that as our foundation, we should be investing in more ways to enable goods and services in Oregon and in Portland, the state’s main trade hub, to be developed, quickly transported and sold in fast-growing markets throughout the world.”
The campaign coincides with congressional consideration of several trade-related measures, such as Trade Promotion Authority and reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. Throughout the year, the Alliance and the Port will generate information and stage monthly events that highlight specific regions of the world where Oregon trades, while also featuring companies throughout Oregon that depend on and contribute to the state’s trade economy. The organizations also will spotlight related issues such as a strong and efficient transportation system and more technical skills training programs that help workers land middle-income jobs that are supported by trade.
“With the right infrastructure investments, international exports and imports can be a bright spot in Oregon’s future economy and for the growth of middle-income jobs,” said Sandra McDonough, president & CEO of the Portland Business Alliance.
Throughout the year, the organizations will encourage elected officials and businesses to:
  • Attend Year of Trade events to learn more about the specific impact trade has on the economy
  • Support trade-related measures in Congress
 Upcoming trade-related events include a visit from the San Francisco-based Chinese Consul General, Port of Portland’s Gateway to the Globe annual luncheon and a trade-focused trip to Washington D.C. hosted by the Alliance and PNITA. For more information on trade in Oregon and to see all upcoming trade-related events in the Portland area, please visit the 2015 Year of Trade website at Join the conversation on Twitter at #tradeinOR.
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