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Public Service Training

Alliance seeking applicants for public service training program
The 2016 public service training program is a six-month program, running from April to September. Participants will meet for a half-day the first Friday of each month. Up to 12 individuals will be selected to participate in the program.
Applications must be received by Friday, February 12 and class participants will be announced on March 11. Selections will be based on interest in pursuing public service, demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to advance economic prosperity in the community.
Apply by completing the online application, mailing two references and emailing your resume to Matthew Pinsker at


About the program
The Public Service Training Program is designed for established and emerging community leaders to educate participants on public policy in support of economic growth and job creation, decision-making, leadership, public sector and non-profit budgeting, fundraising and campaigning. The program is for employees of Alliance member organizations as well as individuals nominated by Alliance members who have a desire to serve on government boards and commissions or run for public office.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet leaders from the community and build networks with Alliance members. By the end of the program, participants will have the background needed to effectively serve on appointed committees and, if interested, to run for elective office.

Program Objectives
  • Provide tools and knowledge that will help business leaders to be effective in their volunteer public service
  • Prepare business leaders interested in running for public office
  • Ensure that the business community is well represented on a wide range of policymaking public bodies
Participant Benefits
  • Expanded skills in seeking appointment or election to public service bodies
  • Exposure to a network of community leaders
  • Interaction with experts in the policy, political and fundraising fields
  • Increased awareness of how to promote economic growth and job creation through community service
Program Topics
  • Portland economic and political landscape
  • Public policy issues and analysis
  • Leadership and decision-making skills
  • Public presentation skills
  • Campaigns, fundraising and strategy
If you have any questions about this program, please contact Alliance Vice President of Government Relations Marion Haynes by email or call 503.552.6746.
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