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Political Action Committee

The Portland Business Alliance (Alliance) realizes that, to have a healthy business climate in Portland and Oregon as a whole, it is essential local business has  a meaningful and active voice in state and local politics. Alliance members have the opportunity to engage in the political process through contributions to the Alliance Political Action Committee (Alliance PAC). The Alliance PAC provides an effective vehicle for members to support candidates and measures that align with the Alliance’s advocacy goals of promoting commerce, community health and the region’s overall prosperity. Effective engagement in the electoral arena through support of the Alliance PAC is another way to help ensure your voice is heard on the issues that impact business.
Only candidates and measures endorsed by a two-thirds vote of the Alliance board of directors are eligible to receive Alliance PAC support. The Alliance PAC has a separate governing body that oversees PAC financial contributions; contributors may not direct the use of their funds.    


Donate to the PAC by check, fill out the printable form.
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