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Policy Initiatives

Business Growth & Development

The Portland Business Alliance understands the connection between public policy, business health and the region’s overall prosperity. The Alliance works with its members to weigh in on proposed policy or offer strategic support to ensure the Portland region continues to be a great place to do business, raise a family and prosper. Read more >>


The Portland region’s businesses, and the Portland Business Alliance, have a long history of supporting education starting back in 1905 when the chamber began awarding student scholarships. From that point on, the business community has continued to be a critical community partner, helping to fundraise and advocate for schools.  The Alliance is a strong supporter of the state’s 40-40-20 goal as well as a proponent of more stable and predictable education funding and greater innovation in the classroom that can boost the region’s educational attainment. Read more >>

Education reports:  

Land Use

The Portland Business Alliance works with many partner organizations on land use issues to support a balanced approach to policy enabling businesses and employers to locate here and grow.  One of the Alliance’s top land use priorities is increasing the region’s amount of market-ready industrial land that will foster the growth of high-paying manufacturing jobs.  Read more >>

Land Use reports:  

Downtown Vitality

A vibrant Central City is essential to the region’s economy.  With more than 87,000 people working in downtown Portland, the Alliance closely coordinates with its partner organization, the Clean & Safe District, to support policy that enhances downtown’s livability for the many workers, residents and visitors. Read more >>

Taxes & Budgets

The Portland Business Alliance is always engaged in how local, regional and state governments are generating revenue through taxes and fees and spending those public dollars. The Alliance advocates for fair and appropriate business taxes and fees to encourage an environment in which businesses can grow and add jobs. One main issue for the Alliance is reducing the burden of the city of Portland’s business license tax that particularly impacts small businesses.

Additionally, the Alliance regularly weighs in on various government budgets to ensure that the business voice is heard during budgetary discussions. Read more >>


The Portland Business Alliance is committed to improving the region's transportation infrastructure, advocating for strong transportation policies and projects and focusing on the implementation of regional and statewide freight-mobility strategies.

The Alliance's top transportation priority is the Columbia River Crossing/I-5 Bridge Replacement project. The Alliance supports a replacement bridge with light rail in order to alleviate both the freight and commuter congestion and safety issues of the current bridge and allow for trade and commerce to flow more efficiently on I-5. Read more >>

Over the years, the Alliance studied the impacts of congestion on the state and regional economies.  

Past studies include:
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