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Land Use

Many new policies that address land use and economic growth in the Portland region are currently in different stages of development. Primary concerns relating to economic growth and land use are: maintaining land supply that will support job retention and growth and ensuring land is well served by infrastructure.


Recent Land Use policy updates:

To view older policy updates than listed above, view the Land Use issue archive.

Portland City Council approves inclusionary housing policy that may slow new development

The Alliance urged Portland City Council to take a cautious approach on implementing an inclusionary housing policy, citing the need for proper calibration of required affordable units and incentives in the program. Without a balance, the program could hinder housing development, further constraining supply and exacerbating affordability challenges. Instead, the Alliance advocated that the program start small and phase-in over time to ensure that it works effectively. Ultimately, on Dec. 21, a unanimous City Council approved the policy as is and did not make amendments based on Alliance recommendations. Currently, two of the votes are no longer on the Council. The Alliance is working with Mayor Wheeler and the current members of Council to explore potential adjustments.
(January 2017)

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City Council prohibits new fossil fuel infrastructure, draws challenge

On Dec. 14, Portland City Council unanimously approved zoning code amendments that will restrict expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the city of Portland. Consumers and businesses through Oregon and southwest Washington rely on the fuels that are supplied from the hub in Portland. The Alliance opposed the amendments due to the potential restriction on fossil fuel supplies needed to meet estimated population and employment growth, which would put an increased pressure on fuel costs, disproportionately affecting low-income households. The Alliance is part of a coalition, along with the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council and the Western States Petroleum Association, which filed a challenge on Jan. 4 with the Land Use Board of Appeals on the fossil fuel zoning code amendments. Since the amendments were approved, two votes are no longer on the Council.
(January 2017)

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