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International Trade

Your voice is needed to support trade during Congress’s final 2016 session

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a proposed trade agreement between the U.S. and 11 nations in the Pacific Rim. These nations are already valuable trading partners. In fact, 44 percent of Oregon’s goods exports in 2014 went to TPP nations, and 88 percent of the Oregon companies exporting to these countries were small or medium-sized companies. The potential of the TPP to broaden and deepen existing relationships will only bring greater opportunity for Oregon workers. That’s why the Portland Business Alliance is proud to support for the agreement. 

The TPP contains important improvements to existing trade agreements. For starters, it provides stronger protections for workers and the environment in each of these nations and holds all parties accountable to their commitments by making them enforceable under the agreement. It also includes strong intellectual property protections for Oregon companies creating software, apparel, and other goods with significant brand value. Finally, it establishes new requirements to promote transparent, non-discriminatory treatment of electronic commerce in our digital economy. It is an agreement that will strengthen and modernize trade rules for everybody involved.

The time has never been more critical to show support for trade in Oregon. With heavy anti-trade rhetoric from both major parties during the current presidential election, every voice is needed to encourage Congress to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) while President Obama remains in office. The TPP is a trade accord between the United States and 11 Pacific Rim countries, including Japan, Australia and Vietnam. It is currently awaiting ratification in Congress, and it is vital to Oregon’s economy and jobs that it is finalized this year, especially for the small- to medium-sized businesses that make up 90 percent of our state’s exporters. As one of the most trade-dependent states in the nation, Oregon supports nearly half a million jobs through international trade. The TPP will boost the regional economy while giving the U.S. some control over its economic future, rather than letting other countries define it for us. Write to your U.S. Senators and U.S. House Members or reach out to plan a visit while they are home on recess throughout coming months.

Year of Trade Campaign

Throughout 2015, Portland Business Alliance, PNITA, Port of Portland and other partners will raise awareness for Oregon’s strength in global markets and for the state’s dependence on trade to fuel the economy and family-wage jobs. The campaign coincides with congressional consideration of several trade-related measures, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trade Promotion Authority. This web page will regularly list information about the specific impact of trade to our region’s vitality, educational events and trips, and proposed trade legislation. Read the press release.

To support efficient trade for Oregon, please ask your elected officials to support trade-related measures in Congress. Find your elected official.

Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA)

One of the Portland Business Alliance’s main areas of focus is supporting the region’s international trade activity. The Alliance does this through its affiliate organization, Pacific Northwest International Trade Association. For more information about the Alliance's international trade efforts or the Pacific Northwest Internation Trade Association, contact Doug Badger, PNITA Executive Director, by email or call 503.260.3235.

Trade Policy Agenda

The Portland Business Alliance, PNITA and the Port of Portland advocate for federal policies and legislation and international trade agreements that make Oregon businesses and employees more competitive in global markets. In the coming year, the Administraton and Congress will be urged to work together to approved four trade-related items. Read more.

Trade Missions

In order to strengthen the region's trade relationships, PNITA and the Alliance organize trade missions to strategic trade partner countries. To date, the Alliance and PNITA have conducted trade missions to Brazil, Germany and China and is planning a trip to United Kingdom & France in 2015. Read more.

For details about past or future missions, read more on the trade missions blog.

Trade Reports & Research

PNITA and the Alliance in partnership with the Value of Jobs Coalition have commissioned several reports about international trade and its importance to the Portland-metro and Oregon economies. Along with these reports, there are also several reports that have been produced by our partners. Read more.


The Value of Foreign Markets to Oregon Businesses


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