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The Alliance considers a number of candidate and issue races for possible endorsement each election cycle. Committees interview individuals involved with the races and then recommend a position to the full board of directors. Two-thirds of the board members present must agree before an endorsement is made.

FALL ENDORSEMENTS: To view older policy updates than listed above, view the Endorsements archive.



Alliance board of directors endorsements & November election results

Each election cycle, the Portland Business Alliance participates in key candidate races and ballot measures that may impact business and livability in the Portland-metro region. Candidates and measures are vetted by the Government Relations Executive Committee, then the Alliance board of directors’ votes on endorsements. A two-thirds vote of the board is required before any endorsement can be made.
The Alliance Board made the following endorsements in advance of the November 2016 General Election and below are the results of those races:

  • State Senate, District 14: Mark Hass (incumbent) WON
  • State Senate, District 18: Ginny Burdick (incumbent) WON
  • State Senate, District 25: Laurie Monnes Anderson (incumbent) WON
  • House of Representatives, District 30: Dan Mason LOST
  • House of Representatives, District 31: Brad Witt (incumbent) WON
  • House of Representatives, District 37: Julie Parrish (incumbent) WON
  • House of Representatives, District 39: Bill Kennemer (incumbent) WON
  • House of Representatives, District 40: Evon Tekorius LOST
  • House of Representatives, District 48: Jeff Reardon (incumbent) WON
  • House of Representatives, District 51: Dual endorsement of Lori Chavez-DeRemer and Janelle Bynum BYNUM WON
  • House of Representatives, District 52: Mark Johnson (incumbent) WON
  • Multnomah Coutny Commission, Position 1: Eric Zimmerman LOST
  • Multnomah Coutny Commission, Position 4: Lori Stegmann WON
  • Clackamas County Commision Chair: Jim Bernard WON
  • Ballot Measure 97: OPPOSE - DEFEATED
    (2.5 percent tax on sales – not profits – of companies over $25 million in Oregon sales.)
  • Ballot Measure 98: SUPPORT - APPROVED
    (CTE/College prep for local school districts; sponsored by Stand for Children.)
  • County Measure 26-181: NEUTRAL - DEFEATED
    (extend the current limit to three consecutive terms)
  • County Measure 26-182: SUPPORT - APPROVED
    (allow commissioners to run for Chair without resigning current position)
  • County Measure 26-183: NEUTRAL - DEFEATED
    (make County Sheriff an appointed role instead of an elected position)
  • County Measure 26-184: OPPOSE - APPROVED
    (limit campaign contributions for county races to $500 per person per cycle)
  • County Measure 26-185: NEUTRAL - APPROVED
    (amend the charter review committee appointment process)
  • City of Portland Affordable Housing Bond: SUPPORT - APPROVED
    (raises $258 million over 20 years for affordable housing preservation and new units. Tax rate is 42 cents / 1,000 of assessed value.)
Read a statement from the President & CEO on the defeat of Measure 97.

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(November 2016)

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Alliance takes positions on changes to Multnomah County Charter

Several changes to the Multnomah County Charter are on the November 2016 ballot, on which the Alliance board of directors has voted to take a position. The board voted to support the proposed change to midterm resignations, which would allow county commissioners to run for chair midterm without resigning their current position. They voted to oppose campaign finance reform, a proposal to limit campaign contributions for county races to $500 per person per cycle, but exempts small donor committees from the limitations. The board voted to remain neutral on changes to county commissioner term limits that would extend the current limit to three consecutive terms; a new proposal to make county sheriff an appointed role instead of an elected position; and a proposal to amend the charter review committee appointment process. For more information, go to Multnomah County elections
(September 2016)

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Board of directors vote to oppose Measure 97

The Alliance opposes Measure 97, a costly and damaging hidden “sales tax on steroids” that amounts to the largest tax increase in Oregon history. The proposal will add a 2.5 percent tax on the sales – not profits – of companies with over $25 million in Oregon sales. Nonpartisan and independent state economists forecast that much of the $6 billion tax increase will be passed through to small businesses and consumers, with the average Oregon household paying $600 annually in the form of higher costs for everyday items like groceries, electricity, internet, gasoline, medicine and insurance and low income families will proportionately be hit the hardest. In addition, there is no guarantee for how the Legislature will spend the money and thousands of local jobs will be impacted. For more information, go to (September 2016)

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