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Endorsements archive

The Alliance considers a number of candidate and issue races for possible endorsement each election cycle. Committees interview individuals involved with the races and then recommend a position to the full board of directors. Two-thirds of the board members present must agree before an endorsement is made.  

Alliance takes positions on changes to Multnomah County Charter

Several changes to the Multnomah County Charter are on the November 2016 ballot, on which the Alliance board of directors has voted to take a position. The board voted to support the proposed change to midterm resignations, which would allow county commissioners to run for chair midterm without resigning their current position. They voted to oppose campaign finance reform, a proposal to limit campaign contributions for county races to $500 per person per cycle, but exempts small donor committees from the limitations. The board voted to remain neutral on changes to county commissioner term limits that would extend the current limit to three consecutive terms; a new proposal to make county sheriff an appointed role instead of an elected position; and a proposal to amend the charter review committee appointment process. For more information, go to Multnomah County elections
(September 2016)

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Board of directors vote to oppose Measure 97

The Alliance opposes Measure 97, a costly and damaging hidden “sales tax on steroids” that amounts to the largest tax increase in Oregon history. The proposal will add a 2.5 percent tax on the sales – not profits – of companies with over $25 million in Oregon sales. Nonpartisan and independent state economists forecast that much of the $6 billion tax increase will be passed through to small businesses and consumers, with the average Oregon household paying $600 annually in the form of higher costs for everyday items like groceries, electricity, internet, gasoline, medicine and insurance and low income families will proportionately be hit the hardest. In addition, there is no guarantee for how the Legislature will spend the money and thousands of local jobs will be impacted. For more information, go to (September 2016)

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Portland Business Alliance board of directors endorses Measure 98

The Portland Business Alliance board of directors announced its endorsement of Measure 98, which will appear on the November 2016 ballot. Sponsored by Stand for Children, the proposal would establish a High School Graduation and College and Career Readiness Fund in the state legislature’s general fund. Read the release.
(September 2016)

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Affordable Housing Bond garners endorsement by Alliance Board of Directors

The Portland Business Alliance board of directors announced its endorsement of the city of Portland Affordable Housing Bond, which would authorize $258.4 million in general obligation bonds for affordable housing development and preservation. In voting to endorse the measure, the Alliance Board called on the city to take steps that will ensure that the bond proceeds are used in a manner that will maximize efficiency and ensure as many new affordable units are built as possible. Voters will be asked to approve the housing bond on Nov. 8. Read the release.
(September 2016)

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Alliance endorsed candidates fare well in 2016 May primary

Each election cycle the Portland Business Alliance participates in key candidate races and ballot measures that may impact business and livability in the Portland-metro region. Candidates and measures are vetted by an interview committee, then the Alliance Board of Directors decides endorsements. A two-thirds vote of the board is required before any endorsement can be made. After the board endorses, the Alliance PAC selects which races warrant financial support.

In yesterday’s 2016 Oregon primary, Alliance-endorsed candidates fared well with nine winning outright or making it through to the November election.  Importantly, Ted Wheeler easily won outright and is now mayor-elect of Portland, giving him time to transition and prepare his agenda for the start of his term on Jan. 1, 2017.  We have been in touch with Ted and offered our assistance as he plans his transition.

Also of note is the passage of a temporary 10-cent gas tax in the city of Portland to address street maintenance and safety, which the Alliance endorsed. Unfortunately, the Mt. Hood Community College bond was not approved by voters.

The Alliance looks forward to working with all the candidates who won in order to advance the economic prosperity and livability of the Portland region, including addressing such pressing issues as homelessness. We will begin those conversations immediately.

All candidates listed below in bold were endorsed by the Alliance.

  • WON: Mayor: Ted Wheeler won outright with 56.7 percent


  • LOST: Commission Position 1: Alliance-endorsed candidate Brian Wilson is out of the race; November runoff between Sharon Meieran and Eric Zimmerman  
  • WON: Commission Position 3: Jessica Vega Pederson won outright with 97.97 percent
  • RUNOFF: Commission Position 4: Alliance-endorsed candidate Lori Stegmann will face a runoff against Amanda Shroeder in November


  • WON: Commission District 1: Roy Rogers won outright with 67.8 percent


  • WON: Commission Position 3: Martha Schrader won outright with 53.2 percent
  • LOST: Commission Position 4: Alliance-endorsed candidate Bill King is out of the race. November runoff is between Tootie Smith and Ken Humbertson


  • WON: Council District 3: Craig Dirksen won outright with 53.7 percent
  • WON: Council District 5: Sam Chase won outright with 76.5 percent


  • LOST: District 26: Alliance-endorsed candidate John Boylston lost the Republican primary to Richard Vial
  • WON: District 43: Alliance-endorsed candidate Tawna Sanchez won the Democrat primary
  • WON: District 56: Incumbent Mark Johnson won the Republican primary


  • WON: City of Portland Gas Tax won with 51.8 percent
  • LOST: Mt. Hood Community College Bond lost with 43.9 percent
How do the candidates stand on the issues? Read our candidate questionnaires.
(May 2016)

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Alliance board of directors endorses candidates in Metro, Washington County and state races

The Portland Business Alliance board of directors announced its endorsement of candidates in the following races:

  • House District 26: John Boylston
  • House District 43: Tawna Sanchez
  • House District 52: Mark Johnson
  • Washington County Commission Position 3: Roy Rogers
  • Metro Council Position 3: Craig Dirksen
  • Metro Council Position 5: Sam Chase

How do the candidates stand on the issues? Read our candidate questionnaires.
(April 2016)

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Alliance board of directors endorses Mt. Hood Community College bond

The Portland Business Alliance board of directors announced its endorsement of the Mt. Hood Community College General Obligation Bond on the May 2016 ballot. The $125 million obligation bond will help the college create a stronger infrastructure and new programs for the evolving workforce training needs of its 25,000 students.

“The Alliance is a long-time supporter of Portland-metro’s community colleges, including Mt. Hood Community College, which plays a critical role in East Multnomah County’s education infrastructure,” said Sandra McDonough, president and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance. “We especially appreciated the college’s collaborative approach. Early on, MHCC leaders met with members of the regional business community to outline their infrastructure needs, and to ask for input on what kind of skills and training are most urgent for area employers right now. Because of this collaborative approach, the Alliance board enthusiastically supported this bond, which will help MHCC invest in more Career and Technical Education Centers to shore up our regional workforce and broaden employment opportunities for many individuals.”
(April 2016)

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Alliance board of directors endorses Ted Wheeler for mayor

The Portland Business Alliance board of directors announced its endorsement of Ted Wheeler for mayor of Portland. The board also announced endorsements in Multnomah and Clackamas county commission races. The board endorsed the following candidates:

  • City of Portland mayor: Ted Wheeler
  • Multnomah County Commission - District 1: Brian Wilson
  • Multnomah County Commission - District 3: Jessica Vega Pederson
  • Multnomah County Commission - District 4: Lori Stegmann
  • Clackamas County Commission - District 3: Martha Schrader
  • Clackamas County Commission - District 4: Bill King

Endorsements for other positions will be announced as they are made.

How do the candidates stand on the issues? Read our candidate questionnaires.
(March 2016)

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Alliance board of directors announces endorsement for gas tax initiative

The Portland Business Alliance today announced its endorsement for the city of Portland’s 2016 local gas tax that has been referred to voters for the May 2016 election. The referral would establish a four-year, 10-cent per gallon tax on gasoline with a plan to raise $58 million over four years to cover street safety and maintenance projects. Read the release.
(March 2016)

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May 2015 Alliance endorsement results

The Alliance-endorsed candidate for the Portland Public School District, Jose Gonzalez, lost to Paul Anthony. The Reynolds School District Bond, which the Alliance endorsed, passed.
(May 2015)

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Alliance board of directors makes endorsements for the May 2015 election

The Alliance voted to endorse Portland Public School Board Zone 2 candidate Jose Gonzalez.  Jose is the founder of Milagro Theater, focused on creating a regional Latino arts community, and a graduate of Benson. The Alliance also voted to endorse the renewal of the Reynolds School bond, which will continue at the same rate as the bond expiring this year. Endorsements require a two-thirds majority vote of the Alliance board of directors.
(April 2015)

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